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  1. Ive been thinking about this more - as I almost want to do the same thing. It seems the only way to buy something that will be 100 turn key ready out of the box is to buy something like a single din or half din eq - like the popular Clarion unit. Have you found any other options ? Id love to hear about any other options if you have found them.
  2. You have a bad ground somewhere, it is grounding out when you touch it. It may be an internal or external ground. Recheck all the grounds you can. If nothing improves then it is an internal grounding issue within the clarion unit. Is it a new unit?
  3. It looks like the F150 came with a few different alternators that year. Id start by finding out which one you have - maybe rockauto. The sundown 2k is a beast and will suite you well if you want to upgrade / change subs later on. You will have to invest in good quality OFC cable - Big Three upgrade and solid runs back to the amp. A second battery (XS power cough cough) should do you fine if youre not going too crazy. Def would suggest getting the biggest battery capacity you can. It really is unpredictable from build to build how your vehicle will react to such a current draw / dimming lights
  4. Hello all, I am looking at upgrading the stock speakers in my Sportwagen. Stock tweet size - 1.326" stock midrange - 4" - midbass - 6.75" I am familiar with piecing together and matching speakers / tweeters. Are there any existing sets that would save me some time/ money? Going more of an SQ route , couldnt care less about blasting super tweeters / horns with zero mid bass. Balanced is more so what I am aiming for. I plan to run them around 75 watts or so, with gains / levels properly set. Would love to hear your thoughts, thanks.
  5. Maybe look into a DPST POT, commonly found in guitars to change the wiring (if you decide to build your own.) Basically is a push pull pot that allows two circuits to exist with one pot. It would be a full on little build to make it a clean install, since it only takes bare wires - none come with RCA inputs or anything like that. If you investigate this route more Id suggest CTS pots, been used for forever with high quality. https://www.stewmac.com/video-and-ideas/online-resources/learn-about-guitar-pickups-and-electronics-and-wiring/wiring-the-cts-dpdt-push-pull-pot.html
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