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  1. Ron36 thank you this is the start of it I'm going to go insane over the summer total around 5000 Watts when I build a new one
  2. If the 1500 see close to 2 ohms it would be 950 Watts which would be perfect
  3. I have three MTX tr5510-04 wired to 1.3 ohm but is coming out to a 1.5 ohm load and they are 300 watts RMS so total of 900 RMS right now I have an skar rp800.1 on the but I'm wondering if the skar rp1500.1 I have will work better for my situation I don't want to destroy him I don't want to blow him up I just don't know which way to go with them I would appreciate the help thank you all in advance
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