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  1. Hello! I have a 1999 BMW E39 that I'm currently planning an audio upgrade for but need some help with the head unit. I want a double din head unit with Apple CarPlay so I can use Google Maps on the head unit rather than my phone while listening to Spotify etc. The problem is that the E39 requires a shallow depth head unit as the air box gets in the way. I've found that the Alpine ILX-W650BT, Kenwood DMX7018DABS as well as the Kenwood Excelon DMX706S & DMX 7706S are shallow while having wired CarPlay. My question is if I've missed any other head units that I should
  2. Thanks for the recommendation, I'll take a look at it I'd prefer wireless CarPlay if possible but if I can't find any good ones that fit I'll settle for one with wired instead so I still get the functionality, just a little more inconveniently
  3. Hello! I have a BMW E39 that I want to upgrade the audio in as it’s not that great. The first step is a new head unit as the current one barely works at all, the sound is awful and it has lots of dead pixels. I want a high quality head unit that has a screen and wireless Apple CarPlay so I can use Google Maps on the screen rather than my phone. The problem is that my car has a maximum depth of about 10 cm (3.9”) and I’ve only been able to find head units that are small enough with wired CarPlay. A single din unit can be deeper as it’s only one of two “slots” that has li
  4. Thanks for the help guys! @bmwking Thanks for all the E39 specific tips and things to look for! What do you guys think about the Pioneer AVH-Z9200DAB? @slowfkncar Do you think this stereo would work without any cutting etc with that kit? And I'll try to take as many pictures as possible @bcbrassard Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello! I have a BMW 523i E39 sedan that I think has the most basic sound system offered in the E39 which I want to upgrade. The stereo is currently always off as the stereo or antenna isn't working cause it can't get a good connection to any channel. The stereo also has the common E39 pixel problems and it lacks a way to connect the phone which I want to do. I'm therefor planning on upgrading the audio in the car. I would like to get a double din stereo with Apple Car Play which would allow me to use Google Maps along with playing music from my phone. This is my first car and
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