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  1. Hi guys, new to the forum. i posted earlier about this topic but I think I was in the wrong category. So im trying again, asking for thoughts on this setup. would like some tips for using the “active” crossovers on my alpine-178bt headunit. The idea was to use the highpassfilter (set at 100hz) on the “rear” RCA output on the headunit, going to the amp (for-x500.4) with an y-split into both the front and rear RCA inputs on the amp. Then using the amp’s lowpassfilter (set at ~5000hz ) on two of the amp’s channels witch i will be running 4 Vibe Black Death 8” mids on. The remaining two channels on the amp will be used for 2 tweeters (crossed over at about 3500hz with the amps highpassfilter). I was then planning to do the same on the front RCA output, with exactly the same amp and speakers, except I will be running 6,5” mids instead of 8” and setting the hpf at about 140hz ( instead of 100hz, like on the rear channel. Is this doable? I read somewhere that it’s never a good idea to use multiple crossover points, headunit,amp etc. that it would change the phase of the signal. Can someone explain if, how and why? thanks!
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