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  1. I’m starting to think that the only way around all that crap is putting a dual Alternator bracket and leaving my stock one and put the 320 I got
  2. @1point21gigawatts Okay do you think the 2nd battery will charge good since the truck sensor won’t be reading the 2nd battery ground? and no I’ve never done a Big 4 upgrade
  3. @1point21gigawatts My only issue is that stupid ground sensor according to mechman all my grounds have to be ran threw there since it’s being controlled by the truck 05 and up GM have that
  4. So I just have a quick question hopefully someone could help me out I drew up a diagram on how I’m thinking of wiring my electrical the little squares are fuses 300. just want to see if this is going to be the best way to go about it also everything is going to be under the hood since my truck has an extra battery option and all 0 gauge OFC wires alternator is a mechman 320 main battery is xs power D4800 and 2nd is xs power Xp3000 amps are Fosgate T2500bdcp and T600 and T400 thanks in advance
  5. @1point21gigawatts This is the back of my truck right now It’s at home so I’ll measure it all up as soon I get off work
  6. @1point21gigawatts No I don’t really like the look of the snug top or any type of cover but I am planing to get it all covered up by welding a box around the actual box and leaving some kind of access door but the truck isn’t a daily driver and it is garage kept but I’m going for this look
  7. Just wondering if anyone could help with a design for a blow thru on 2 13.5 W7 on a single cab 2009 GMC Sierra I’ve never done a blow thru And also the jl audio specs for the sub enclosure honestly seem very small has anyone ever done boxes that are bigger than the recommendations? i personally would like something like in this video what do you guys think? thanks in advance any information helps
  8. Thanks for the input hopefully the rockford does good at 1.5 ohms?
  9. Well how should I wire them to get the most out of the subs and amp??
  10. I have a question I just got a pair of 13.5 jl audio W7s 1.5 DVC I’m going to be using a rockford T2500 if I wire the subs down to 1.5 ohms to each Channel will I be okay? or can I bridge them? or what’s the best way to wire them I’ve never used the T2500 so I don’t even know if it’s bridgeable I’m pretty new to this ohm stuff thanks in advance
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