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  1. I have 370 mechman alt and a d3400 rear and xstatic batcap 2000 upfron but might get me a d7500 to run with the rear
  2. Sorry for a late response but I’m gonna get zv5 with a wolfram aw-5000
  3. I currently gonna get 2 zv5 18s for my daily and wanna get a wolfram aw-5000 to push them at half ohm would that amp be good enough power for the subs not looking for high numbers just want to play them safe and loud
  4. I’m stuck between sundown zv5 or x series I wanna get 2 18s for my suburban but not sure what to go for and what wattage to choose from I into the mid and low end bass what do you guys suggest
  5. I was thinking going to ces 40ah lithium 600 for it not bad and maybe using an isolater I have a agm up front but thinking of doing a dual alternator set up
  6. I’m planing on getting an 8k sundown amp to push 2 sundown x 18s I have a xs d3400 up from and a mechman 370 alt what battery would I need to keep voltage up or how many would i need
  7. Also what does that external regulator do? I think autotech sells the same thing but they said it keeps my voltage alway in one spot witch is good I guess but I have to do some soldering for it
  8. Ok and what do you mean double up on runs but I’m also gonna upgrade soon aswell gonna get me 2 zv5 15 with the sundown salt 6 down4sound has a package deal comes with wires too but I’m gonna have to get another battery to keep up with the power
  9. The amp grounds are bout 3 feet long to the rear battery ground and the rear battery ground Goes right underneath to the frame of the truck I only have a run of power wire from the front battery to the back one but i wanna say it might be a voltage regulator that’s in the truck like someone mentioned to me in a message I see more of a voltage drop in afternoon once it’s warm outside voltage goes to 14.0 and when i wanna play it loud it dips into the 12.0 but that’s certain songs but in the mornings or nights when lights turn on voltage at 14.5 and drop to 12.9 or .8 when I play full bass but I
  10. When I got the xs it was sitting at 13 and the amps are grounded to the battery terminal and the battery grounded to the frame the front battery also grounded to the frame from stock ground to big 3 ground but how do I check if my alternator good I took my truck to autozone have them check battery’s and alternator they said everything good but I wanna know how much power my alternator really puts out the test sheet they gave me says idle it puts out 180 amp and 1800 rpms 330amps it’s a hairpin alternator from auto tech
  11. Both battery and alternator are new wanna say about 6 months I have the big 3 done also and the amp rear battery also wired to the frame but I also have the amps ground wired to my battery ground when I play some lower notes I drop to atleast 12 i tunes amp with oscilloscope
  12. At the moment I have 2 13w7 with a Rockford t2500 pushing them my voltage drops to 12.5 I’m trying to get it to stay in the 13 when playing full I have a xs d3400 up front and a xstatic batcap 2000 for rear I have a auto tech 320 alternator I was wondering if I should get a dual alternator kit to put the stock alternator back to run the car electrical and the h/o to run the system and put back the stock battery for the stock alternator I’m also gonna be upgrading to a 2 sundown zv5 with a sundown salt series 6k so I know I’m gonna need more battery’s can someone help me out or lead me to the r
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