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  1. Anybody know if the dual speaker terminals that come on some mono amps are connected in parallel? My DD M3a has 2 pairs and it’d be easier to just wire each of my direct leads to a terminal rather than dealing with soldering to wire it in parallel. Thanks y’all
  2. I’m installing a JS alternator and they sent me a pigtail that i have to adapt to my truck (Ford 4.0 OHV). Problem is they only tell me what to do with 2 of the 4 wires on it, i have no idea what to do with the P and F wires, and none of the wires on my factory harness are labeled as either of those. So far i just have the one that attaches to the positive post on the alt and the one that runs to ignition. That leaves one wire from my trucks harness unused, as well as the P and F wires on the JS pigtail, and I’m worried it runs something important. Hopefully that makes sense, sorry I’m not super articulate and can post pics if it helps. Here’s the factory alternator wiring, the yellow and white wire running towards the fuse box is the one that would be left unconnected the way it stands now.
  3. Hey guys, back with another question about my build. In my research for installing my Dayton DSP I’ve seen conflicting opinions on RCAs, some people saying you need to run a 4 channel RCA to the DSP and others saying you can get away with just L&R and the DSP will parse our individual channels and their frequencies. Does anybody have insight into which of these is correct? If i need to run an RCA for each individual channel what would i do for my sub in this particular instance? Just forego tuning and let the head unit run it? The HU is an Alpine CDE143BT if that makes a difference. I’m also installing an Epicenter In-Dash, anybody know where that would get wired in all this mess? Any insight would be great. Sorry, I’m not the best at organizing my thoughts. Hopefully somebody gets what I’m on about. Thank you guys!
  4. Ok cool thanks guys, that’s kinda what i figured but I’ve never dove into active setups and didn’t wanna blow my shit up on the first try. Much appreciated!
  5. I’m building an active 2 way setup for my doors and despite my research can’t seem to find an answer to this question. Say I have 120rms mids and 15rms tweeters, will i be able to run those active on the same 100rms/channel 4ch amp and compensate for the power handling differences by lowering the gain on the tweeter channel? Or will i still blow the everloving fuck out of the tweets even with minimal gain? Sorry if that’s a stupid question, I’m just kinda stumped and wanna get my speakers ordered. I’d like to avoid super tweeters but those look to be the only ones that handle anywhere near 100watts. Thanks y’all
  6. Anybody know the rough ampacity on a single 12-15ft run of Sky High 1/0? Trying to figure out if I’m gonna need another run or maybe even 2/0. Got a 250 amp alternator and It’ll be powering a DD M3a and a 600rms Zapco, so probably just around 4K RMS at 14volts. Thanks y’all.
  7. Oh my bad that is an important part to mention, My plan is 6 Speakers total, 1 tweeter and 2 mids in each of the 2 doors. So I guess I’m just trying to figure out if I’ll need to buy another amp to do it properly
  8. Good call on wiring the fronts together didn’t think about that, I’ll put some thought into it, that might work. And i wasn’t even aware of that Dayton dsp, that might be game changing thanks for the heads up
  9. Hey guys, my systems have always been pretty simplistic with passively crossed components but on this next build i want to get more technical and throw in a DSP with a crossover network. The only problem being that i barely understand them for the life of me. Take for example my upcoming build, i plan to have 2 6.5s and a tweeter in each door along with my sub. Does that mean i need 7 separate channels of amplification and processing? It seems like all the DSPs are 6 channel, and i only planned to run a 4 channel and a mono block like i always have, so i feel like there’s something I’m missing. Hopefully someone can explain it a little better, dont go too hard on me i know I’m a dummy lmao. Thanks y’all.
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