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  1. I highly recommend you to have a look at https://autance.com/best-wax-for-black-car/#tab-con-7. I ordered a Meguiar’s Black Wax and it really pleased me.
  2. Have you install DRLs on your vehicle? For those who are wondering if it worths, read this over: Are Daytime Running Lights Really Important? Keep Scrolling Down!
  3. 700w is a little bit not as good as 800w but still fine.
  4. Sealed: 1.0 ft^3 Ported: 1.75 ft^3 Displacement: 0.12 ft^3 Depth: 6 1/2" Outside Diameter: 12 1/4" Cut-Out: 11 1/8" Tuning: 32hz Port Area: 28 in^2
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