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  1. Also is it possible my box is too big for these subs? I couldn’t find hardly any box specs for these subs..kind of shot in the dark with thus one
  2. Yeah when I go out to my car I’ll take a few pics and upload them for you,they are inverted so it will show my wiring as well,I accually pushed on them and found out that one is just stiffer than the other,what could that be?
  3. I have checked the coils and they are still good but I will double check them again,I’m going to completely rewrite them and see if that works,thank you
  4. I have 2 dvc subs wired parallel at 1 ohm but one subwoofer is moving kore than the other,all voice coils are still fine,wiring is fine,should I plat some music through them and let them break in more? They were broken in the same though so I don’t understand that,any ideas?
  5. I have 2 doc 4 ohm subwoofers,they are wired in parallel to 1 ohm on a 2400.1d quantum audio extreme mono block(not really that much wattage)the wire is not ran into the other sub they are connected at the terminal cup,but the problem is my subwoofer furthest away from the terminal cup is moving less than the other one wich I know affects spl,I check all voice coils they still read one ohm and they are all still wired up correctly,any ideas???
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