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  1. This was the ticket. Something so simple never crossed my mind. Def sounds better than fighting it with more boosted freq
  2. Thanks. Thats what I thought but the directions showed leaving at flat eq. I will def set it how I like it then re set the gains again
  3. I just bought a dd-1 and used the directions to set up my 5 channel amp starting with the head unit. The head unit is set all flat no boost etc and goes to 39 before distortion. I set the gains separately on the 5 channel amp then connected speakers. (used the directions using the correct db levels for sound quality) When I start listening to music at 39 I hear distortion with my ears as soon as I change anything on the eq from flat settings. Should I set everything up the way I like on the eq and bass boost etc then set the gains using the dd-1?
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