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  1. Thank you for your help brother. This is what I found also, but does this mean a total length of 37"(9.25" each), or four ports 37" long.
  2. So I found a few calculators, but when given the following values: port diameter: 5.915" number of ports: 4 tuning frequency: 32Hz enclosure volume: 7ft^3 I get a port length of close to 37". Is this 37" of total port as in 9.25" each, or is this four 37" long ports?
  3. So I'm trying to use speakerboxlite and it keeps auto filling dimensions for me. I'm struggling with the box design portion of my build to be honest. I want it right the first time. I know the volume necessary for my box build, and I know my port area necessary, I just can't find anything solid on calculating port length for specific frequency. I know I need an internal volume of 7ft^3 after all displacements(subwoofer, braces and stiffeners, and ports) I know I need a port area of about 112in^2 which i can get +/-2" with four 6" round ports. I can figure both of those out once I have the final piece of the puzzle and that's port length. I'm just struggling to figure out how long these ports need to be to get around 32Hz. Someone hit me with some knowledge or even with some formulas or reading material.
  4. I want musical. I listen to mostly metal but occasionally some rap like Hopsin, Tech9, or Logic. Manufacturer suggests 32hz. I'll try to find a program to lay it all out.
  5. Is it relative to surface area? Any articles or suggestions for understanding the science of it?
  6. New to the forums. Been lurking for a little while. Very new to big bass and quality bass. I currently have 2 JL Audio 8s and 2 Kicker Comp RTs that will be coming out. I'll be running a DD Audio M3C with a Sundown Audio X18 v.2. I bought second hand and saw this setup run in the previous owners vehicle, but I want to design a box optimized for my 2014 Crewmax Tundra that doesnt cause me to lose the entire rear seating area and still allows me to see out the rear window. I read Hugh G. Rection's post on slot port vs. round port and this has me decided on slot port(s). Sundown Audio recommends 112in^2 of port area. I can achieve this +/- 2" with either one 12" round port or four 6" round ports. I'm struggling to find information on wether or not port length is critical. From what I gathered on Hugh G. Rection's post the longer the port the less efficient it will be due to surface contact area of the escaping air, but I know there's gotta be some optimal length calculation.
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