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  1. Yeah that makes sense, could be in the middle visually but may be +or- 4-5 volts could make a difference. I mean you make a valid point due the fact I’m running a 2k rms zv5 with a skar 2k. If I run at -10db Close to full tilt for a while the amp runs hot. Even had to add 3 80mm fans to cool them. Granted it’s under the back seat of a Tahoe where airflow isn’t the greatest. I would like to change a 3k to allow some headroom so it’s not running at its max potential.
  2. I’ve been messing around with different gain settings on my zv5 using the dd1 great tool just wish it had a -7.5 dB overlap setting, and I know snowdrifter has a Dropbox for it I just don’t have a computer to rip it from and it won’t let me from the app on my phone. Besides the point -5db is not enough -10 it’s solid for most but clips on certain songs. And yes I could just turn the volume down or the knob when on certain songs. my question is can I mark -5db and mark -10db on my amp and just put it half way in between -5 and -10 for -7.5? May be a stupid question but I can’t seem to find the answer I’m looking for searching for hours
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