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  1. But if I asked you which you would expect to output more between and 18" sub and 20 6.5" ones you'd agree that it would be the 6.5's right?
  2. If you enter the specs provided into WinISD it'll calculate most, if not all, of the specs missing.
  3. but say that your woofer with a 15 mm p2p was the same size as a tweeter in cone area, i'd be planning on using 15 tweeters with 1mm p2p instead to get my sound volume back up.
  4. Would there be any obvious problem in wiring a whole bunch of tweeters together as to create what is effectively a larger driver with the sound accuracy of a tweeter? Set the crossover to maybe 100hz if I used enough of them, then did the same for a bunch of 6.5's or 4" speakers to use for bass, equalizing as neccessary ofc. Thinking about trying this but I can't find anything related online so maybe there's something I'm missing that makes it a stupid idea..
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