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  1. If you were using wiring after the amp then I'd be sure to use a good, powered line out converter. I use a Wavtech, and Audio Control would be a good one too. If it's the cheap Kicker I looked at, that might be the reason. It might not could handle that voltage after the amp.
  2. Are the inputs bigger though? I've read accounts of people buying a certain gauge car audio wire for the amp and then the wire not being able to fit in the input. It's like some amps are TRUE gauge and some amps may use oversized holes. The other thing that no one clears up is when we say, "You need 1/0." What are we really talking about? If you truly need 1/0 then AWG is enough. You can't say you need 1/0, but I really mean 2/0.
  3. The wireandsupply site has it for a little cheaper and free shipping.
  4. Basically what I didn't do a good job of saying is most people just worry about copper vs copper clad aluminum. The welding cable is copper. I don't know that anyone would use copper clad aluminum wire for welding but I'm no expert there. I don't think the welding wire has the strand count as the finer strand car audio wire. It's not quite as flexible but as someone described it, it's flexible enough. That site I linked to has free shipping. You can order 1 foot just to see it. I ordered a foot of several different sizes just so I could see it. I can tell you the 2/0 wire measures approximately 11.29mm in diameter. To give you a comparison, the 4 gauge welding wire measures about 5.9mm (although looking at the pic I may have been squeezing the wire a bit too much), and the Knukonceptz 4 gauge measured 7.56mm. On Knukonceptz's website they describe their 4 gauge as 3 AWG (so, slightly bigger than standard 4 gauge and that checks out).
  5. Look here, https://www.wireandsupply.com/category_s/60.htm. Sizing gets confusing. If something says it takes 2/0, does that mean 2/0 AWG or does it mean oversized 2/0 car audio wire? I would go by the AWG standard. I don't know how many people actually need 4/0.
  6. Here's a picture I took a while back of the welding wire OFC samples I got along with Knukonceptz 4 gauge and SHCA 8 gauge. From left to right, welding wire (ww) 2/0, ww 1/0, Knukonceptz 4 gauge, ww 4 gauge, SHCA 8 gauge, and ww 8 gauge. The Knukonceptz is tinned. It's not CCA. I also took measurements of the diameter of each wire with the calipers if anyone is interested. Just let me know.
  7. SHCA is not bad stuff. You just have to know what you're going to get when you buy it. You pretty much have to stick with their stuff to ensure it all works together. I say "all" but I mean their terminals to work with their wire. The SMD fuse block won't be a problem because you're just sliding the terminal over the posts of the SMD. Another reason to know what you're getting is to know if you have room to run it. If you order 2/0 and it comes the size of 4/0 you might have a lot more difficulty running it than you anticipated. If you're just looking for the cheapest 2/0 check out wireandsupply.com and look at their 2/0 welding wire. I ordered several 1 foot pieces a while back so I could see the sizes. I used their 4 gauge in my son's car, and that's where I'm going to first from now on. If you were looking for 8 gauge, their prices are no better than SHCA or Knukonceptz, but once you get to 4 gauge and bigger they are a lot cheaper.
  8. On a side note... I'm glad to hear you say that about the Type R. I'm contemplating going from one 10" Type S to three 8" Type R in my truck.
  9. I hate when people use there, their, and they're incorrectly. And we're and were. And just while ago on another forum I saw 2 different people use hear instead of here. It's not that hard!
  10. I set my Rockford amp to 250 because that's the highest it will go and set the LPF on the head unit to 80. It sounds fine. If you can't get it to sound good I'd say there's something else going on. Maybe the subs or the sub/box combo.
  11. Sky High oversizes their wire. I think what is meant by the OP is that their 2/0 wire is equal in size to AWG 4/0. Take a look at this video where a guy compares Sky High 2/0 to 4/0 welding cable.
  12. That's some confusing stuff there. If it was sharing a positive or a negative terminal I might could understand it. But considering the shared terminals for front and rear go to the positive of one speaker and negative of the other, that doesn't make sense to me.
  13. It is precisely Sky High's "fault". If you always wore XL shirts, and you bought one from me but I decided I was going to make my XL shirts the size of a XXXL then it's on me. You shouldn't have any reason to believe that when you order an XL shirt from me that it's going to be 2 sizes bigger than normal. Sometimes giving someone more than they need is not a good thing. All of these companies should go by the actual wire gauge standard. When the OP, or anyone else, plans a system they think about what they need. In his plans he thought he needed 2/0 wire. He probably didn't need 4/0. I use 4 gauge wire in my truck. If it had shown up the size of 0, I wouldn't have been able to run it (without additional problems, any way). I'm not saying Sky High is bad. I'm just saying all companies should label their stuff properly. I know about Sky High, and others, being oversized. But customers shouldn't have to scour the internet to see what it really is.
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