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  1. I will be running the Sundown SALT-6k for my subs, a Deaf Bonce Apocalypse Aak-201.4 for my mids and a Deaf Bonce Machete M54 for my tweeters. I’m going to do the Big 3 of course. I could only find a 320 HO alternator for my car. I don’t mind replacing the stock battery under the hood and then having a secondary battery in the trunk, but if it looks like I’m going to need a 3rd battery then I may just go with the 1 lithium battery. I’m also going to have a kill switch for the sub, because I don’t really plan on playing it when the car is off, maybe for a minute or two but that’s about it. The sub will be on only when the car is running or when I’m driving somewhere. If the car is off then I’ll most likely be using just the door speakers.
  2. Can anyone help me figure out what I need for my electrical? Ive been trying to read up about upgrading alternators and batteries. I’m going to be running 2 Sundown X12s D2 and a SALT-6 amp at 2 ohms. It will be for a daily musical use, no competition. Eventually In a future setup I may run the amp at 1ohm. What alternator and battery would be best for my setup? Should I do dual alternators? Do I need more than one battery besides my main battery? Dual alternator and 1 secondary battery? Or 1 alternator and multiple batteries? And for whatever the setup is, what’s the best way to wire the alternators and battery? Thanks for any info!
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