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  1. alright ill do that, ill get it figured out tomorrow and let you know what i came up with thanks again for your help good lookin out and ill use the link you sent me for the port tuning
  2. and you had the port external facing the front of the truck
  3. so i know torres might not be super acurate but you do calculate the tunning fq the same way for a 4th order as you do for a regular ported box right
  4. yeah thats where i was planning on having the magnets face
  5. it would be up against the back seats and in the rear of the truck it only has about a foot or so between box and rear door unless it came out then 90* up
  6. 2.07 not 2.7 on the sealed chamber
  7. awsome thanks bro. ok heres what i got the ported chamber with the original port was 4.77cu ft and the sealed was 2.7cu ft ,its going in a 94 ford explorer
  8. ok so im messing with the port size as you recomended but to tune it to 45- 47 Hz the port length would have to be way longer, so i must being doing something wrong still . i tried the dimensions on torres tunning calculator and thats where it wanted way to long of port.
  9. ok ill change the port size to your recomandations. i appreciate the help and the way you explained it i understand how to go about it now nice to have someone explain it rather than just say its wrong and not explain why. Like i have got on some other forums. so thanks again much apreciated. so other than the port changes does the rest of the box look good.
  10. 51Hz with 72sq in, port area and just under 15sq in, port area per foot is what i came up with, first 4th order box but im pretty sure im doing it right
  11. im building a 4th order bandpass 1ST one im using Alpine Type-R 12" (R-W12D4) hoping to get some feedback on the design i came up with any changes i should make any help i can get would be much apreaciated. the port dimensions are 4.5" x 16" and the length is 6" with baskets/magnent in the ported chamber .
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