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  1. The box itself would be 37x18x20 .. I took 1.5” for wood thickness .... 3rd gen 4 runner.. 2 dc lvl 4 12” ... the width has to be under 38 but other sizes can be changed... my design was port back sub up
  2. Skar sk3500 .... planTo get 5k eventually.. I got the Alternator u helped me with finally so just waiting on box
  3. got design for my box .. 35.5 W x16.5 T x 18.5 D After material thickness ... roughly 5.9 ft3 after subs ... question I need help with is my center port calc. ... I have 4” W x 16.5 T x 21.75 L figured for port in general area of 32hz... will it work out fine? Should port be wider/smaller ? Any input would help thanks
  4. Ok I’ll check it out .... Gen 3 4 runner
  5. Any good free websites or apps that would help with design .. only thing i really found was sub box.pro.. it only lets me do sub back port back.. I need sub UP port back 2 dc lvl 4 12 in SUV .. Live in north Alabama I don’t mind paying to have one built but don’t know anyone since I’m a do it myself or buy from Internet person... if anyone knows anyone around the area would be nice to
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