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  1. Is yours a inline 4 or v6 engine? Did you notice difference with the engine strain to keep up with it or can u even notice it?
  2. Dam that's only 10% of power... I got a feeling these DC's are really gonna wake up
  3. Mybad i was off a little... The 350+ had to do with pulley ... The top ones are 250-300-320 all within $45 of each other... Idle 750rpm 160 ..peak is 1800rpm... But someone here mentioned the 320 ain't the best .. Any reason not to get 320? .. i keep saying I prolly won't go over 6.5kwatts in this truck but i said 3k watts 3 years ago so
  4. Brand x came back today .. 180 amp $210- 220 $250- 280 $340.... He had a 320+ but talked about changing pulleys on crankshaft ... Don't know if shipping included. But definitely my price range... there all small case hairpin.. i read somewhere dc posted about small case and large being 2 totally different monsters .not sure if that's good or bad but if it will actually do said power i could care less.. It's not a comp truck.. it's lifetime warranty so don't really see a down side
  5. I emailed ces-js-singer-iraggi- brand x..i went to brand x and seen them post about not being able to respond quick cause there's so many orders so i understand... Its 96 Toyota 4 runner 3.4L ... If it's just a problem making that much power out of the stock alt I'll just try for a bigger cs144 .. Unless they make the case bigger it should still work
  6. Update: emailed 5 companies so far Iraggi only one came back...BUT they quote $529 shipped for 200 amp 100-240 idle-max.. no offense but that just sounds outrageous to me . Maybe it'll be different with others ..i might can see that for a 370+ but 200??
  7. How'd it turn out bud??? U might have already mentioned price if so sry for double asking but was it in the 2-$300 or over
  8. Must be that Plum Crazy Purple color ha.. just curious was there anything special you had to do running that much on stock wiring ( everything except amp) I'm assuming since the stock was 70amp it prolly didn't need but 75%- 80 average ... So even if i ended up with the 250 it should make night/day difference? That was really the original question i was tryin to find answer to
  9. Definitely let me Kno .. I'm curious as FK.. they have it on there site or u have to call to get it special made
  10. I would like to put the 270 or 300 alt in unfortunately I'm very limited on what i can work with.. it's a 98 4 runner that came with stock 70amp and noone makes them unless it's special order which for some reason almost double the cost of other H.O. alts .so i did the cs144 swap out of a 95 cadillac .. Its the same mounting style as Toyota Its suppose be 140 amp but I've never seen those numbers.. and as for the same year & STYLE CS144 I've only seen up to 220 or maybe 250 and for only around $300 or less ... I appreciate the info tho . Makes sense when it's broke down
  11. The yellow top came with truck but ive learned they turned to sh*t when they left USA.. don't know how old it is but I've had for 3 years.. i use a meter off of my obd2 program . Which given it prolly has couple millisecond lag but i haven't personally seen it drop below 12.8 maybe and that's long bass note. I'm trying keep it in the $400ish range.. Found 220 alt for $250 and i Kno the battery runs under 400 i just wouldn't sure if it was needed or if i would benefit sound wise... Thanks for advice
  12. Yea the volts drop some on the long low bass drops .. Noticed a slight dimming couple times.. I'm just wondering if I'm trying to power 3500watts and only able to give it 15 or 2000 .. Surely that extra 1500 would make a big difference in bass i would think... No other amps for mids or tweets purely subs... If I'm wrong about needing more power=louder harder hitting bass then I'm regretting not going bigger 15 or 18s
  13. Would i benefit from upgrading my alt.? The goal of course is to be louder and hit harder... Besides straining the system, electrical, alt.etc.. would it be a noticable difference in the a actual sound-bass db's... I Kno I'm not pushing the roughly 300ish amps to power my SKAR sk3500 and 2 DC lvl4 12's .. my setup is 120 ALT.. yellow top ... 0 gauge.. big 3. ...Would i benefit significantly in performance by buying 220 amp alt or a better battery like a XS d3400 or even both? Or would i just be buying upgrades to keep from frying everything in the future by straining what i already have?? Thanks in advanced
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