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  1. Hi, I bought this subwoofer from ground zero, the GZNW 15SPL-Xflex. I saw in the manual that they recommend a 100 liter vented as a box, but seeing the graph I am not very convinced as I would like to play lower. Can you give me some advice for the box? And what do you think of the subwoofer in general seeing the manual and the type of surround? it is suitable for playing really low? Thanks link to the manual: Click Here
  2. @Derp After about a month, how do you feel with this amplifier? Ever had any problems?
  3. Hi everyone, do you know what is the difference between the various music tracks? Like slowed, decaf, and bass boosts? Can an audio track have a value greater than 0db or is it always in a clip above this value? Thx
  4. As I wrote in past topics, just a multimeter is enough, and raise the gain with headunit to 75% to avoid distortion (unless you know that your headunit rises cleanly to the maximum, in that case put it at 100% as well ) until you get the voltage you want! However I have not understood how you will connect the 3 subwoofers to get 1.3 ohm
  5. hahaha I can understand you either I want to connect my sub and give it the maximum rms power, but this is not necessary as theoretically now that it has been understood the operation would be enough to set the gain with a voltmeter. Example: I have a 1.3ohm sub - 3000 Wrms To calculate the maximum voltage to be given to the output we must apply a simple formula: Volt = √ Power * Impedance (all under square root) So in our example we just need to replace the values: Volt = √ 3000 * 1.3 = 62.4V So now you just need to take a tester, put it on V AC and place the gain on
  6. I make this topic useless simply to get this thread up to the top since some who followed the thread have not known the latest updates!
  7. It's a really good amp, especially if you want to use it for subwoofers. BigD made two videos if you want to go and see them, so you can get a better idea about it! -Taramps Smart 3 Detailed Review and Amp Dyno - 3000 watts Done Right! [4K] -3000W Amp vs 6000W Sub and INSANE Amp Dyno Low Impedance Testing [4K] In my opinion it should never be connected below 1ohm, not so much for the power it gives in rms, as thanks to its circuits it always keeps it at 3kWrms, but the dynamic power grows dramatically (as you can see in the second bigD video towards end wher
  8. In the eighth topic of this thread I wrote one of the methods that in my opinion were fine for adjusting the gain of this amplifier, not to mention that the operation of this was different from how I had thought it. These days I have been thinking about why both the taramps company, both barevids and bigD in their video on this amp recommended to adjust the gain of it with the subwoofer connected. What you see here is a very simple schematic that compares a Taramps Bass 3K to a Taramps smart 3. Now if we wanted to adjust the gain of the Bass 3K, it would be enough to put a track at 40hz, wit
  9. In the eleventh topic of this thread, I explain why this method is wrong, and what is the correct method to adjust the gain on this amplifier! This is what I wanted to hear! Under the comments of the video, a guy asked how he should adjust the gain on this amp, and Barevids (the guy in the second half of the BigD video) said to adjust the gain with the subwoofer connected!! I don't know if they were wrong or not but in my opinion to adjust such an amplifier as "intelligent" would be enough to follow these steps (correct me if I'm wrong): -1 Connect rca to the amp (WITHO
  10. This I knew, I just wanted to understand if adjusting the gain with a connected subwoofer and a 40hz track, I would have had problems with the coil overheating during the adjustment. Thx
  11. Just as I thought, the only thing I don't understand and if the subwoofer should be connected or disconnected, as on yt also big D who reviewed this amp said that the gain potentiometer will have a different position according to the load . If I adjust the gain with the sub connected and a frequency of 40hz, will I have overheating or other similar problems? ---> Big D video at the point where he talks about gain <---
  12. Hi, I will soon order a taramps smart 3 for my subwoofer, I wanted to know what was the best method to adjust the gain on this amplifier, that is with the subwoofer connected / disconnected, with a multimeter or simply using the clip LED on the monitor of the 'amps. Thanks to all bassheads!
  13. Have you ever heard SPaudio subwoofers playing? How do you feel about them?
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