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  1. Hifonics miss their advertised ratings by at least 20%. That is not Boss bad but bad enough to not trust them when matching them to your speakers. They are definitely budget amps I would stay away from.
  2. Is space an issue in your installation? Since you are going to use more than one knob, the Audiocontrol Three2 eq mentioned before seems like an ideal solution. It would take your summed rca outs and give you volume control, front/rear fading , and a sub level control. The crossover in the Three2 is better than most head units and it also has a higher voltage output.
  3. With the Avic’s built in equalizer and its multiple rca outs, the Clarion is largely redundant. The only control you lose by omitting the Clarion is a fader for your sub amplifier. The Avic can’t control the sub level independently. If that is important to you, that function can be done by a basic bass level knob like the one that is included with most new amps nowadays and that can be installed wherever it’s convenient.
  4. I run a Skar skv-100.4ab and it has worked great for me. It has plenty of power to drive your speakers and at $259.99 it’s within your budget. It is a bit large but the generous heat sink area keeps it cool. It’s on backorder at this moment but they’ve re stocked it when they’ve run out before.
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