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  1. I have a couple of questions about a new build I'm putting together. I'm switching to my system to all lithium and will be eliminating my agm. I see everyone say that if you put lithium and agm together it will blow your alternator. Is this true? Also is it safe to start your car with lithium batteries? And is it recommended to purchase a bms for these deafbonce lithiums I got? https://alphardaudio.us/products/lithium-battery-lt-lfp-300p My system will be at around 9k watts powering 2 custom made 18 inch pierce audio 4k 12 magnet neo subs. My alternator is a 240 amp mechman, will 240 be enough to charge up my system I've heard that lithium is a lot of strain on alternators. If I'm driving my car just about every other day will I have to hook my batteries up to a lithium charger every other night or will they be fine to start my car every day and just wait a couple min for the alt to charge them? Sorry for all the questions but thank you for the help!!
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