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  1. I have a gen 1 s10 blazer i want a body kit for. I am looking for the duraflex r34 i can find the front bumper but notbthe rear or side skirts. I will take em used if i can get em. If anyone has some they are willing to part with i would be highly interested. Im in ft worth tx willimg to pay shipping. Thanks
  2. I agree that was the height of it products have gotten better and worse but i remember going to competitions just about every weekend 100 plus cars every time last one i went to 3 cars there all just for flexing nothing that looked functional and good or even had any kind of sq.
  3. Been out of comps since 95 was a huge rockford guy from the 80s now building truck with 5 rockford T1 12s running at 1 ohm will have 370 amp alternatpr for sub amp and a second one for mids and highs will be a daily driver with periidic shows wanting 8000 watts and on a limited budget was looking at the sundown sfb 8000 any advice on a reliable quality amp yhat wont get me divorced lol would be greatly appreciated
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