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  1. Has anyone tried out the new Fi X series? I want to get two on 4ohm or 3 on 2ohm to have them on 1 ohm. Are these subs good? Ive never owed fi before.
  2. Ok. My question is if i make the 12x12 and 12 deep square port hole would that change my box net volume? I plugged my numbers in and it changed everything i got 20 inch of port area.
  3. Inside measurements are 48.5 wide 17.5 tall and 18 deep on ported side. There is a double baffle where the subs are on. On the sealed side its 48.5 wide 17.5 tall and 6 deep
  4. The board where the port hole will be at is 17.5 tall and 48.5 wide. Its 19 total tall and 50 total wide
  5. Nice. Ok ill rather go for the square hole. What would be the bigget port area i can have?
  6. Isnt that with a normal 4th order square port? I heard aero ports required less port area than regular square ports. Its a taramps 3k. Ima have it to 3k rms.
  7. Im planning on doing a 4th order using a aero port. I have 3 sa12s wired at .67. Sealed is 3cuft and ported is 8.5. Box is build already, i just need to cut the front hole. How much port area should aero ports be in 4th orders?
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