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  1. I think at this point I’m just going to delete the battery completely. I’ve drawn up a diagram of how I think I should wire it. 3 runs alt>distribution positive>fuse>lithium positive 3 runs alt frame bolt>under hood ground 3 runs under hood ground> distribution negative 3 runs distribution negative>lithium negative 3 runs lithium negative> rear chassis ground then I could just connect the starter/accessories wires that come off the stock battery onto the new distribution blocks right? Diagram picture: I’ve drawn like 4 of these but I want to make sure because my next purchases is going to be wiring and a new alternator.
  2. Simple enough. Is there any precautions with this? Should a special charger be used on a super cap? What if the car needs jumped etc? How reliable is this in a daily driver
  3. So I have plans to run a limitless 45ah in the back.. The original plan was to completely delete the battery under hood since I shouldn't run lithium under the hood since it's too hot, and I shouldn't mix AGM and lithium together. So instead of completely deleting the battery under the hood, what about running a super cap under the hood? https://limitlesslithium.com/limitless-super-cap-battery/ Is this safe to have under the hood and run with a limitless 45ah in the back? Alt will be a mechman 370
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