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  1. Anyone know best place to run wire in a 99 Tahoe? I don’t see much room around the firewall, seems pretty tight there. Was thinking of going underneath the car, just wasn’t sure where to drill when going back into the car. anyone have experience running multiple runs of 1/0 in these cars? Even the 2001+ Tahoe should be similar, suburbans as well
  2. got my stuff today. Seems like some good wire. Definitely loving this lime green color!
  3. Update: Ordering some miscellaneous things. 50ft of shca Ofc 1/0 wire (will probably need at least 150ft. Gonna get one 50ft spool now) 25ft of shca ofc 8ga speaker wire and some copper ring terminals + heat shrink will post pics when I get it.
  4. Picked up some distribution blocks to put in place of the battery under the hood. Got two, one for power and one for ground. Only took pictures of one. They look pretty slick
  5. that's what i'm thinking. i guess they just haven't worked with lithium batteries. i figured i had the right idea. Thanks for the response
  6. got a present in the mail today. Waiting on #2. Ordering 3 and 4 here soon. I’m getting pretty excited, this thing looks sexy
  7. Is a 70ah lithium and one 370 amp alt enough for a dc 9k? I was talking to a local shop and they were pretty insistent that I run 2 or 3 alts. I’m not sure if they have worked with lithium batteries before. Are these things really as magical as they seem to be?
  8. Update: got a tracking number in the email, should be getting one of my subs here tomorrow. Pretty excited! Just hoping fedex gets it here all in one piece. Will take pics when I get it
  9. I think at this point I’m just going to delete the battery completely. I’ve drawn up a diagram of how I think I should wire it. 3 runs alt>distribution positive>fuse>lithium positive 3 runs alt frame bolt>under hood ground 3 runs under hood ground> distribution negative 3 runs distribution negative>lithium negative 3 runs lithium negative> rear chassis ground then I could just connect the starter/accessories wires that come off the stock battery onto the new distribution blocks right? Diagram picture: I’ve drawn like 4 of these but I want to make sure because my next purchases is going to be wiring and a new alternator.
  10. Still waiting on subs. Not sure whether or not to start looking for other brands or just to wait it out. It’s been over a month since I ordered the first one. creeping on their Facebook page, it looks like they have time to respond to people leaving bad reviews but not time to respond to me asking for any updates. Lol but whatever. Maybe I’ll give them another week or so. It doesn’t take that long to build a woofer. Not tryna bash anyone but I want my shit
  11. Simple enough. Is there any precautions with this? Should a special charger be used on a super cap? What if the car needs jumped etc? How reliable is this in a daily driver
  12. So I have plans to run a limitless 45ah in the back.. The original plan was to completely delete the battery under hood since I shouldn't run lithium under the hood since it's too hot, and I shouldn't mix AGM and lithium together. So instead of completely deleting the battery under the hood, what about running a super cap under the hood? https://limitlesslithium.com/limitless-super-cap-battery/ Is this safe to have under the hood and run with a limitless 45ah in the back? Alt will be a mechman 370
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