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  1. Does anyone think that there would be any audible difference with my morel maximos, between any of these amplifiers?
  2. Correct. I look at the amp's internal crossover as being a backup for whatever I have upstream of it. It is nice to have an adjustable one though.
  3. It can be worked around at least.
  4. I don't really want to go the skar route, but if it's going to be my best dollar to performance ratio, I will consider it. Has anyone heard when that sundown 200.4 is supposed to come out or what the specs are supposed to be like?
  5. So I'm needing to get an amp that will put out around 180x4 rms at 2 ohms for my mids and highs. It's powering 4 pairs(8 woofers, 8 tweeters) of morel maximo 6 components. I was looking into getting a barbara ann from us acoustics, but unfortunately they said they won't have them stocked for at least a couple more months. I really don't want to have to wait for months to get my system installed. I know hertz and zapco have some options that would work for me, but they are a little more pricey than what I would like to pay. The taramps ds 800x4 2 ohm looks like it might be a little noisy. Sound
  6. Guess I misunderstood your first post. Wouldn't that cause loading issues? I would imagine that would make it very quick, easy, and probable to cause mechanical damage to the soft parts of a sub, would it not? If I'm wrong I'm happy to be and always love to learn, could you show me some reading material on it? I'm not really aware of how the extra power messes with the sub to box relationship and needs obviously lol. Don't imagine there was, but was there an issue with port velocity/compression? How did you measure the tuning? Any chance the box surroundings or internal clearances caused it to
  7. Thanks man. That's what I thought, but wasn't sure. I'd have enough pipe to plumb a house lol
  8. I know it makes me have to make my port(s) long af lol... doesn't look like I'll be able to do aeros unfortunately. Definitely can make it happen on a slot though.
  9. So I'm trying to spec out my sub box build, and I'm needing some help. I will be running a sundown u series 18 on a soundqubed s1-2250 at 1 ohm. Recommended from sundown is 4 cubes ported and 64 sq inches of port area tuned to 32. Using the stickied "triticum's port area calc", it is saying I should be up around 79-82 sq inches of port. Of course that is not taking anything in depth into account, just power and rough box net air space... is there something else I should use to calculate my needed port area? I was wanting to run an aero port and so basically I can do 6 4 inch ports for a total
  10. So if I used LiFePO4 batteries, how bad would it be if they saw 14.8v(3.7 per cell) instead of just the 14.6v(3.65 per cell)? Doubt they would with losses, but that's the highest I've seen my system put out up front.
  11. Hello, so I am looking into building a diy lithium battery. The batteries I was considering using would be these, https://batteryhookup.com/collections/green-friday-weekend-deals/products/80-bak-2600mah-18650-with-5a-pcb . I was considering running them in either 4s 40, 60, or 80p. With the PCB these have on them, I would not need to run a BMS/balancer correct? How do you think these would work in a car audio build? Please correct me if I am wrong, but I was under the impression that if I went 40p I would have 208 amps discharge, 104 amp charge, and 104 ah. 60 would be 306, 156, 156. 80 would
  12. I get that, but if they are all the same brand and model line, just coax vs component, how different would it really be? Not trying to contest it, just trying to learn.
  13. How would the coaxials muffle the sound? I mean I know the crossover components have to be slightly different due to packaging(don't know how much effect that would have), and you lose a little of the cone area on the coax, but the tweeters, cone material, basket, and motor are all the same otherwise to my knowledge on the maximos. Or do you just mean the imaging would be messed up to the various tweeter locations?
  14. So I'm actually thinking about going with some morel maximo's due to hearing a lot of great things about them. Plus their tweeter pod would make mounting them much more hassle free. Anyone have some experience with them on here? I was thinking that if I did two sets of components and two sets of coaxials, i could stick one tweeter in the stock door location(98 suburban) and one on the a pillar. The two coaxials would be in the lower front of the doors, and the components would be in the kick panels and a custom box that is sitting on my transmission tunnel between the console and heater box.
  15. Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with directronix refurbished subs? Was looking at getting some sundown u series 18's from them, and hadn't heard anything about it... didn't know if it would be a good way to go or not.
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