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  1. The amp is supposed to be 60x4 rms 4ohm 120x4 rms 2 ohms. I don’t know what it really is but it has 2 25amp fuses. The alpine is 16 rms. It didn’t sound good Hooked up to the deck and can’t handle the amp like the 6x9s so I will try the bass blockers someone also suggested 4 ohm resistors as from the factory the front 6x9 are 4 ohm parallel to the 3.5 8 ohm
  2. My truck has 4 doors with 6x9s and 3 1/2 in the dash. I have An alpine ilx207 And mbquart onyx 60x4 amp to the 6x9s. I have put fake dynamite on the inner outer and middle Door parts, They are all crewin Vega h series speakers 6x9 60 watts rms and 3 1/2 30 rms do you think I Should hook the 3 1/2 to the front channel amp or to the alpine
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