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  1. For those interested I actually went a little smaller to start. However it will still do custom sub boxes (upto dual 12s), parts and most whatever I would need it to. Its also always expandable, which was a must for me after I learn. I will do all kinds of stuff from signs for local business to decor projects, to custom Silver rounds, terminal and more. OI have a few friends already waiting for custom stuff for their own hobbies. I guess I was disappointed at the level of response here... I figured this would be a topic that people jumped all over. I found unlimited info within the hobby or industry though I went with this guy, it was smaller than the 1000mmx15000mm I originally ordered but their service, support and shipping speed is what won me over. https://sienci.com/product/longmill/?attribute_size=30x30 The other one I looked at was called a Work Bee from bulk man 3D, awesome machine and bigger.... Just lacked real world support. In the end I have UNDER $1500 in the whole thing up and running.
  2. Yeah I am finding this out... I did more research since making this post, however there are options out there at 5k.
  3. Hey guys, new here but not to the world of audio. However my topic is tool related and did not know where else to post on the forum. I am simply looking for info on a CNC machine for my shop. I am not in business of any sort that requires a CNC, therefore I cannot justify a major investment as the ROI at this point is purely convenience and fun! I cannot spend 10K on a machine, I hoped to find something 2K or far less? I would like to grow into a bigger machine in time, but that means I need to gauge what the market will handle and see whats needed out there, so for now its a hobbyist machine. I would like to be able to do wood, metal, polymers and plastics.... Engrave cut etc. (I think). It would be great if it would handle a 4x8 sheet, but that may put me beyond my price point. I'm just trying to see what is out there and what options I have.... I do not have any real experience with these machines regarding abilities and function, only that I ran one a handful of times under the close watch of the owner and that was to make JEEP parts (gussets, light mounts, etc.) Thanks in advance guys!!!
  4. Hey man, new here but not new to electronics and systems. I do not own any SMD tools.... However I essentially have a full electronics lab with all of the tools that do what SMD tools do. I always love a project and enjoy helping and teaching people to further the hobby or sport the correct way! State College, PA 16802 Most any piece of electronics test or engineering equipment or tool available. Anything from Oscilloscope, frequency/function generators (which can be used to generate test tones at varying DB levels or sweep an individual speaker to tone test), spectrum analyzers, basic multi meters, all hand tools soldering equipment etc. Anything from full install, setting gains, custom or fab work, even just advice... Contact: [email protected]
  5. Long time car audio enthusiast. I have been into building systems for over 20 years, fascinated by systems my entire life, having competed throughout 1999-2010ish. During a few of those years I had a level two Audiobahn sponsorship with my best run being 152.1 at Motorama in Harrisburg PA. These days I am more into the SQ aspect of it, but still maintain some bump!! My career is also in electronics repair and engineering.

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