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  1. I have both of these amps and I have one ACR-1. I wanted to know if I should buy another one to be able to control both amps. If so then should I set up the 4.800 like the 1.800 with the gain all the way up. I also have a SMD DD-1 and a SMD CC-1. Without having the DD-1+ will I have issues with my setup or should I sell the DD-1 and get the DD-1+. Hope I can get some positive feedback. Thank you in advance
  2. I have a SMD DD-1 and wanted to know if i can set my gain on my AudioControl LC-1.800 amp by turning the gain all the way down , crossover all the way up ,and AC-1 control all the way up while setting the amp gain? Any help would be helpful.
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