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  1. Hi OF friends, i'm heading to Amsterdam in early Nov and have couple of days to explore. Would any kind soul recommend places to hunt for vintage watches? i know of Amsterdam Vintage Watches and Amsterdam Vintage Company. Are there anywhere else? Tried searching around to no avail. Any other recommendations on food / sightseeing would be appreciated too! Thanks everyone!
  2. Hi, this is Erik. We all know firearms are dangerous, but only when one doesn’t know how to use and care for them. I have 15+ years of experience with different types of guns and for the last 10 years, I have taught numerous people how to hold and shoot a gun while staying safe and keeping the surroundings unharmed. My neighbors are some of my biggest admirers who enjoy talking to me about their guns, firearms safety and maintenance. Whenever I am able to catch a moment of free time, you will find me enjoying my family or heading to the range on my motorcycle. I have enjoyed shooting sports ev
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