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  1. Whats a good lithium i remember looking for some and they were always like 40amphr and were like 500 dollars or some shit and could i just connect it straight to the capacitor not sure if id need an isolator
  2. Ill be sure to check those out i meant 7vs on the amm1 but for my alt i have a 120amp rn regular battery but i have a 1100cca capacitor thats 375 farad i think so voltage drop isnt to bad im thinking about putting a big tractor battery in for my main battery
  3. Also feel lile the sub is getting close to maxing out cause it moves alot then the meter is only reading like 400 watts so im probrably just stupid is a 30mm xmax sub moves alot more than i think
  4. The battery i put in it was a rayvac i think but it will always show 7volts ill change my rcas to more expensive ones i bought cause im using some cheap schoses right now. But i wanna supply the power the sub needs so i kinda wanna go overkill on a nice amp cause the skar will never give it all it can cause ohm rise. Should i get like a taramps 8k or something i dunno. And yeah i think the clipping was from the amp being pushed to hard i feel. Should i also ground my rcas while im back there or is that stupid
  5. Also when im watching it the ohms will shoot up through 2-8ohms and when it pops itll go really high
  6. I think what my issue is, is resistance rise from the box being to small and the amp clipping cause itll pop from like 800 watts to like 1500 but this doesnt explain why the amm1 will randomly show .01ohm and super high watts randomly on the dyno it seems very random. The sub is a resillient sounds platinum 12 rated 2k rms and 4k max at 1ohm. Its reversed in the box which is 2cuft tuned to 36hz and the sub reccomended a box 2.5 to 3 cuft tuned to 36 which i ordered a 2.5cuft tuned to 44hz should work good right?
  7. I use to crank it with my past sub woofer for short times but ive kinda stopped that i turned bass boost off i think the gain is maxed and the HU output is maxed for the sub but i keep the bass knob at about 20%. Im looking at a used rebuilt taramps 12k for 650 what amp would you suggest for a 2k rms 4k max sub in a to small of box so maybe run 2.5rms if you think my amp is toast i suppose..
  8. Nope its brand new but the last skar i had in it would do the popping thing aswell i didnt have the amm1 then but it was ran at 2ohms. The popping thing kinda slowly came in over time like itd pop at higher volumes and just had started doing it at lower and lower volumes
  9. So i put it on dyno itll randomly pop up with a .01ohm and 1800 watts or something on low volume the sub will pop if i turn it up to much but i think thats ohm rise cause i have a to small a box for it amp is a rp2000. 1 sub is being ran at 1 ohm on a RS2000 platnum its brand new could the amp be bad? Or the amm1.
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