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  1. I saw the title of this forum and had to speak up immediately because the fact of claiming great customer service yet I have been UNABLE TO REACH ANYONE PR GET RESPONSE FROM ANYONE FOR TWO FUCKING MONTHS!!!! If you’re going to claim you have great customer service you see at least return somebody’s fucking phone calls or email them or something instead of just ignoring everyone and having a phone number that does goddamn nothing but give you a bunch of options and then tell you the mailbox is full and hang up on you!!!! Because I’ve had my new sundown sa 10 rev 3, With SFB 1000 amp in a 36hz ported box and NVX XCLA2 LOC, For almost a week and could not be more disappointed or frustrated with how much shittier my stereo sounds now than it did when it was stock with Harmon Kardon System and 8” free air sub!!!!???? The bass seems LOUDER/STRONGEST @ vol.31-35 than it does @ vol. 40-45 (45=max) Also SOME SONGS THAT BUMPED HARD BEFORE either DONT HIT ANYWHERE CLOSE TO AS HARD or the bass seems intermittent as if some schizophrenic went in and created his own whacked out baseline which does not match up to the song at all!!!

  3. Umm I don’t know why you say All sundown subs have blank bottoms, I added screen shots from YouTube of a Laser Etched Sundown SA v2 AND SA-Classic, I wouldn’t have based my suspicions on that if I hadn’t seen more etched or engraved Sundowns than not.... I hesitate dropping the name of where I got it, only in case it turns out mine IS completely legit, so I will wait until I know for sure it’s legit, then I will post name and review accordingly...
  4. So I just got a screamin deal on a Sundown Audio SA-10 Rev.3 D4 750w RMS with Sundown SFB-1000 amp, and it just got here today! Im weary for several reasons, outer box says SA-10 V2 1000W RMS, the inner box had paperwork saying it’s 600w RMS and the inner box said SA-10 Rev3 D4 750w RMS. No biggie, they’re just boxes, what really worried me is that the bottom of sub is COMPLETELY BLANK and there’s NO IDENTIFICATION ANYWHERE on sub other than ‘Sundown Audio’! I thought it was supposed to have SUNDOWN AUDIO & Model # engraved on motor? I attached photos of each box and sub as well as spec sheet from inside....
  5. So I’m looking to build a single 10” setup for my Kia Optima for mainly metal, hard rock, hip hop and rap. I’ve boiled it down to either a Sundown SA-10 v2 1000w or an Fi Audio Xv3 1000w, but I CANT MAKE UP MY MIND! I’m planning on a 35hz slot tuned box. I’m open to other suggestions but I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO CHANGE ANY BATTERIES OR ALTERNATORS! I also need recommendations for amp for either sub PLEASE!?
  6. Hey there, so I have been out of the car audio game since high school 15-16 years ago. I just recently got a 2016 Kia Optima SX with Harman Kardon upgraded stereo and I want to add a 10” sub but keep test of System how it is, as it sounds great just lacking BASS!!!! So I DONT NEED THE LOUDEST/CRAZIEST setup as I’m older now and just want Higher quality sound and to feel the bass, not trying to enter SPL comp, so a 10” sub that’s best at 36hz and whatever amp, I have 3 cu ft of trunk space to use and a budget of $500 for SUB & AMP. I mostly listen to metal, rock, EDM and some hip hop hence why I want a 10” over a 12”.... ANY HELP IS APPROPRIATED AS I WANT TO GET THIS DONE ASAP!!
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