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  1. Iv noticed silicone wire that hobbyists use in rc cars and drones has silly high amp ratings. 8awg silicone wire is like 110amp rated. How is this possible?
  2. At what point would someone switch from a mini anl to full size anl fuse?
  3. slybu

    RE Audio 35.1d

    How many of these amps were made? Doesnt seem to be any posts i can find about people using them?
  4. Yes i did spot some ceramic fuses at a reputable electronics provider here in the uk called RS Components. Expensive though.
  5. Problem is most of the brands like sky high, knu, rockford etc all have those fuses made in china and their name painted on it. None of those fuses come with actual spec documents like the ones you get from littelfuse, mta and bussmann. Will hunt around more though and see what i can find.
  6. I dealt with regular blade fuses and the MAXi type blade fuses and found there to be a fair difference favouring branded fuses from the likes of littelfuse, bussmann, and MTa. but with fuses like ANL, and mini anl i cant seem to find those made by reputable manufacturers. how do generic brand ANL fuses fair like in this link: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ANL-Gold-Plated-Fuse-Fuses-Car-Audio-50A-80A-100A-150A-200A-250A-300A-350A-500A/133303852057 do they blow as they are supposed to or do they just get hot and melt the fuse holder etc?
  7. slybu

    RE Audio 35.1d

    what would its true rated power be? the specs sheet says 1500w rms at 1ohm but i dunno if it was overrated and is more likely to be 1200ish? also what sort of efficiency do these amps have? one thing to note was when i bought the amp it has 3 x 30amp fuses on it. this was apparently some sort of mixup at the factory according to support at the time and it was supposed to have 3 x 40amp fuses. again makes me wonder if it even cracks 1000w.
  8. slybu

    RE Audio 35.1d

    yea it doesnt look like a 1500w from the internals, i think there were other amps that used the same board at the time. shame im not in the US otherwise i could have sent the amp to bigD to get it dynoed. im sure many people would be interested in the results.
  9. slybu

    RE Audio 35.1d

    really? the company still exists the website is still up and running.
  10. slybu

    RE Audio 35.1d

    it is a re audio amp. iv attached additional pics, on the board it says Destijl engineering, im sure that was RE audios name or parent company or something.
  11. slybu

    RE Audio 35.1d

    did anyone dyno this amp? would it make rated power by looking at the amp guts? or would it fall short?
  12. slybu

    RE Audio 35.1d

    yea 35w at 4ohm was odd im not sure if thats what was listed on their website too.
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