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  1. 4ohm bridged the amp is rated at 600rms So 2 x 150w at 4ohm
  2. Iv found a supplier of good quality anl fuses. They are Siba branded and come with datasheet information. https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/car-fuses/1611834 Will stick to these fuses from now on. mine arrived today, so just to add this fuse doesnt have a plastic housing, its ceramic.
  3. ahh ok, i dont have a receiver as such. just an arcade machine that has a PC in it. sound was weak but i have bigger speakers and this amp lying around and a power supply to run it all so thought id check before trying high ohm speakers incase they bust the amp. speakers are only 50wrms so amp will be turned low since i wont need much power from it but saves having to spend money buying another amp etc if i can use what i have lying around.
  4. thanks thats good, may just use this amp in the house with some house speakers which are higher ohm.
  5. from an old alpine mrv-1507 thats specced for 4ohm per channel, can it run 6 or 8 ohm speaker on each channel or will it bust the amp? i know running lower like 1ohm is not good at all for the amp but dont know what rule to apply when going higher than the specced impedance.
  6. Nice box design. Im looking to stay compact from the reading iv done some people saying going with a square sub in the box i already have cutting its hole out to square shape would give more cone area and power handling so loudness gains would be greater. Do square make that much difference over round?
  7. The box i have at the moment does have a slanted back. Box is supposed to be 1cuft sealed. Someone did say i could use a box that takes up the full width of the back but is more shallow and use 2 x 10inch shallow subs. Dunno if shallow subs are any good though.
  8. I got an alpine mrv-t707 hooked up to the sub. I was just wondering if i changed the amp and sub to 600w rms amp and sub would it be as loud as 2 x 12s ruining 300w each. People been telling me that 2x12s with 300w each would be louder than a single 12 running 800w since they said cone are makes more difference than power. Iv added a pic of my sub in the back of the car. Currently the sub is perfect for the amount of space it uses up I don't want to give up any more space otherwise cant get shopping in etc. People say doubling power would get 3db more louder but from what i read to my ears 3db will not sound twice as loud?
  9. Thanks for the replies. I was just thinking hypothetically, i have a 300w rms sub being fed 250wrms sealed 1cuft box, its a pioneer tsw-304c. Was just wondering theoretically if 2 of those subs each getting half the power a single sub would get would result in same loudness , less or more loudness
  10. I was just thinking about what someone had said to me. They said that 2 subs even with 100w each would sound louder than one of those same subs given 600w due to the 2 subs having double the surface area and more power not making that much of a difference when using 1 sub in 1cuft vs 2 subs sharing a 2cuft box.
  11. Ahh does that still apply then if say the single 12inch is in a 1cuft box and the 2x12inch are again in 1cuft each box, sub brand and model being the same for all?
  12. Hey all, was wondering, would 2 x 12 inch sealed subs getting 300w each be same loudness as a single 12inch sealed sub getting 600w?
  13. Iv noticed silicone wire that hobbyists use in rc cars and drones has silly high amp ratings. 8awg silicone wire is like 110amp rated. How is this possible?
  14. At what point would someone switch from a mini anl to full size anl fuse?
  15. slybu

    RE Audio 35.1d

    How many of these amps were made? Doesnt seem to be any posts i can find about people using them?
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