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  1. Evening all, I have an e46 coupe... Basically the sounds have always sucked! checked out a few options - bavsound etc but there only for HK systems, So currently what i have is a dynavin head unit - I have an 8" JL sub in a custom box through the ski hatch mated to a JL mono amp & wired in remote control knob, the fronts im looking to get audison apk 165 wired up to a mosconi pico 2 amp and im also looking to get https://www.audison.eu/products/prima-ap2-wide-range-speaker/ - these in the rear quarter panel door cards - basically the whole sound terminology and stuff im still trying to understand, but these are wide range speakers so i will have components up front with passive xovers which will be amped - the rear 1/4 & rear deck speakers i will be running straight off the head unit for some "fill" in the cabin i basically want good sound quality and clarity and the audisons stood out from my research, just wanted to get other people views on this set up and if any good? thanks
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