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  1. 10-4, I think I may go that route. Those mounts are large but would make any system sound much better. The only other option I’m looking at is a standard 2 way set and finding OEM pillars with tweeter mounts and running it that way for a more OEM look. I feel the 4x 6.5” woofers behind the rear seat will respond quickly enough to make up for any lack of bass from the front driver.
  2. I’ll look into them. I’ve heard good things about them as well. I wonder how well their rage 6.3 sounds? Found these awesome mounts that would make it easier and I’d imagine sound better. https://www.customspeakerpods.com/product-page/a-pillar-speaker-pods-for-3-5-and-tweeter-00-06-GMFST
  3. I’ll look into them. I’ve heard good things about them as well.
  4. I am looking to upgrade my crew cab pickup and am going to concentrate on the front stage (rears will be powered off the deck and only turned on if needed for people in the back seat). I will be running them likely in active. This is in a 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD. Head Unit: Pioneer DEH-X8800BHS Front stage amp: Audio Control D-4.800 Subs: 4x Savard Hi-Q 6.5" D4 Sub Amp: Audio Control LC-1.1500 Wiring will all be OFC with 2x 240a alternators with the big 3 upgrade done I will be adding sound deadening to the doors, roof, back wall, floor, firewall, and inside the dash while it's apart.
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