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  1. what if i got a singer alt thats 200 amps and 150 at idle, would i still need a second battery?
  2. What upgrade would I need to do to my electrical for that? I'm already planning on doing the big 3. Would I be able to just get second battery or do you think I need to get a high output alt and ditch my stock battery for a better agm battery? Would I need 2 batteries? Lol I kinda need to be walked through everything I would need to get best results. Or just pretty much just do everything you mentioned in the earlier post
  3. I would like to try and keep it around 1000 Toyota camry that I use for work so I'm a little limited on space
  4. Do you have a better budget build suggestion for an amp and subs? I just want to get loud af without spending a ton of money, like the type of system you hear blocks away and people in the car next to you can feel it. I've been trying to find info on builds but I'm not having much success. I've seen that most skar Amps suck but it seemed like the subs were decent. Seems like taramps are good but I don't know too many people doing car audio and the shops around me don't really sell good stuff. If you could point me in the right direction that would be great.
  5. im getting the taramps smart 3 soon and was wondering what i will need to upgrade. i already plan on doing the big 3, but i only have a 90 amp alternator and im struggling trying to find info on if i should be just upgrading my stock battery or adding a second battery or getting a high output alternator. ill be running 2 skar svr 12s rated at 800rms and 1600 peak also if i add a second battery is it a bad idea to keep my stock lead battery and add an agm?
  6. Looking into these, anybody used them or know someone who has one? Any good?
  7. I was thinking about purchasing 2 svr12's, has anyone owned theses or know someone who had them? just curious if they were worth it and if they slap hard. im going to be putting them in my trunk and also any amplifier reconmendations for these subs im trying to do somewhat of a budget build
  8. Anyone from San Diego know of any good car audio shops? Also anyone know of any shows/demos going on in or around San Diego anytime soon?
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