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  1. I have done many integration myself, just need an 2nd opinion on my options, if everyone answer “go watch some YouTube video or google search”, that kinda defeats the purpose of this forum, right?
  2. Hi fellow members, can anyone help me on this: I would like to upgrade the sound system on my car. My factory infotainment unit sends a full range non-amplified signal to the factory amp/processor, which powers 9 speakers and a sub in my car. My limitation is I can’t replaced my factory deck and amp. I am going to use a LC2 and JL amp and sub to increase the base a little and also would like to replace my front component speakers. My new components speakers come with passive crossovers, since I don’t have access to any full range speaker input, should I even use them? 1: if I use factory door woofer input for the crossover, the tweeter wont play the high frequency it should since the output frequency to mid is actively controlled by the factory amp, correct? 2: if I used the factory tweeter input to the crossover input and only use the tweeter output to the tweeter, then wire up the speaker directly to factory speaker wire, would this work? 3. don’t use any passive crossover since the factory wires for mid and tweet already regulated, how can i find out the factory crossover point for tweet so i won’t accidentally pop them? 4. Use the factory tweeter wire and or wire am inline resistor to protect the tweeters? which way would u install them or there is a better way? * I don’t wanna add another amp for speakers.
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