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  1. I was curious aboit it too but didn't want to seem smart either. I know cone area is king but I don't get the math. From what I've seen on some comments sundown does pretty good with tight spots with good power. Doesn't get any tighter than under s truck seat. And I'll have a true 4k ( most likely more) feeding whichever choice of sub..craving the lows and im sure that takes cone area.
  2. After researching and reading so many great debates I am posting a help thread. I have a 2018 sierra crew cab and and in search of the best setup for loud and low. My builder said he can squeeze 3.2cu ft after sub and port displacement @32hz for 4 sundown v8v3. Backseat staying...just cant let it go. So I'm torn between 4 sundown x8v3 or maybe 2 sundown zv510s. Amp is sundown scv4000. Electrical 370a mechman and 2 xs d3100 and knukoncepts 4/0ga wire throughout..big 3 included. any input will help me out.
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