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  1. I don't know i had a hifonics amp before that did more than rated
  2. yeah i want a better amp thinking of going with a hifonics amp or sundown
  3. I do not have a clip light on mine unfortunately. It'd be nice to have though. I would love to have a dd1 tho I'm looking into getting one
  4. Yes I've watched that before and I try setting it by ear and I just either set it too high where it'll clip my sub or too low where I'm not getting enough bass
  5. Okay I have a Skar Audio ZVX 18" subwoofer 1800 watt rms powered by a Skar audio RP 2000.1 2000 watt rms. I set my gain with a multimeter using ohms law. To get the right volts(42.4) I had to drive my gain up all the way almost. I know this can't be good for the amp and it doesn't seem right. Should this be correct? My sub is wired down to 1 ohm
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