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  1. I need help with box ideas. I have 2 skar evl 15s and every prefab box I've found with enough space for them is too wide to fit in my jeep and I'm also not that great at building boxes 

  2. I was wondering about dimensions for an enclosure for 2 sundown x 15s
  3. yeah i want a better amp thinking of going with a hifonics amp or sundown
  4. I do not have a clip light on mine unfortunately. It'd be nice to have though. I would love to have a dd1 tho I'm looking into getting one
  5. Yes I've watched that before and I try setting it by ear and I just either set it too high where it'll clip my sub or too low where I'm not getting enough bass
  6. Okay I have a Skar Audio ZVX 18" subwoofer 1800 watt rms powered by a Skar audio RP 2000.1 2000 watt rms. I set my gain with a multimeter using ohms law. To get the right volts(42.4) I had to drive my gain up all the way almost. I know this can't be good for the amp and it doesn't seem right. Should this be correct? My sub is wired down to 1 ohm
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