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  1. Deciding between the B2 XMv3 12", Fi Team 3 12", and Sundown Zv5/6/NSV4. Leaning towards the B2. Looking purely for SPL in a ~4-5 net ft3 box for two subs.
  2. Dimensions: 40W x 14H x 33D Subs: Undecided but 2x 12" ZV6/NSV4/B2 Rampage (5-6K RMS total) AMP: Taramps MD 12000.1 0.5Ohm Desired tune: As close to 30hz as possible. I am thinking 100+ in2 port area, and 5ft3 if that is possible. I am having trouble getting a good cut sheet as the freely available software tends to give me different results and I don't know what to believe.
  3. Thanks for the insight. I think I'll just send it with the 12k I guess lol.
  4. So I wouldn't gain significant output by running each sub on 2 separate sundown SCV-7500D's for example?
  5. Planning on running 2x Nsv4/Zv6 12s (or something similar) at 0.5ohm final impedance. The Taramps 12k 1ohm does 4100w at 4ohms, so I'm assuming the 0.5ohm version will do 4100w at 2ohms. I want to be able to put 5k to the subs and am worried that wouldn't be possible. Do you think my impedance would rise above ~1.5ohm? I'm willing to wire to 1ohm if I can find an amplifier solution that won't break the bank. Thank you!
  6. Thanks for the help. I was only planning to put 4k to the speakers but I guess I would still need another run of 1/0. Also I forgot to mention the AGM is in the rear, I still have my stock battery. But I think to simplify things, I'm just going to go with 2x Xv2 12s and give them 3000w total from the Taramps. I could stick with a single run of 1/0 for power and big 3. And could probably get away with the 320a alternator along with my two batteries. Also 300a fuses. I hope it's close to as loud as Zv5s though. Unless you guys think one PSI Platform 4 18" would be
  7. Before I do anything I want to have someone look over this: Electrical: NVX 1/0 OFC Kit Singer 390A Alternator Kinetik HC1800-BLU AGM - 1350CA - 75AH Build: 2x Sundown Zv5 12" 1x Taramps MD8000.1 5.0ft3 Net, 32hz, 90in2 Port Area Am I going to need 2/0 wire? Also what fuses should I use? Thank you!
  8. Would it not be louder at 4-4.2cuft? The dimension limitation is mostly for the trunk hole itself, so there is more room inside the trunk. My trunk hole is tiny bro ;(
  9. I have 45in of depth, so it could be 35in+
  10. What about this one? I understand my design was bad, but I could go 4.0cuft within those dimensions right? Also I planned to have the port face the drivers side of the trunk with probably 10 inches from the side wall of the car. Also will I need bracing with plywood and 1.5in baffle?
  11. So can I just change the port area to 68in2 which is 16.2sq" per cubic foot?
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