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  1. I had a Taramps Bass 800 that developed an internal malfunction in the 2 or 3 weeks that I had had it, it was a replacement for one that was malfunctioning straight out of the box. I went with the Skar this time due to the 2 previous failures with my Bass 800 amps and the reviews/testing from SMD and Big D Whiz. The IX-12 D2 I have now isn't going to be able to handle the pounding from the RP-1200.1 so I'm going to go ahead and order a new sub. The 2 options I'm considering is the SVR-12 D2 and the EVL-12 D2. I'm not considering the DDX-12 due to it's larger enclosure requirements doesn't fit the limited space of my extended cab Ranger. I'll be building my own box, I have the room for a 2 ft³ and its ports and bracing. Would the RP-1200.1 be enough for one EVL-12? Would it be too much for SVR-12? The rest of the system with be 2 Taramps DS800X4, a Dayton DSP 408, a pair of 8s for mid-base, some Scar SFX65-4 and 4-8 tweeters, Any suggestions on options I'm not considering are welcomed.
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