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  1. Holy crap. I need to purchase an alternator upgrade quick. This thing is smashing my electrical. I got this amp rebuilt, and I have it only a quarter of the way up at 1ohm. It isn't shutting off anymore. But I tested it with a meter and i was having voltage drop to below 9v! No wonder it was going into protect. As of right now I have my meter wired in so I can watch it and make sure I stay above 12 volts. It still slams really well, but I can def pull a lot more ot of this setup. I just need to get an alt upgrade like suggested. Guess I'll start saving! Luckily the alt is right on top. Are the high output alts direct bolt on like an oem would be? I can't wait to get one. I'm barely pushing this amp for now and I can balance a paper towel in my window lol. Sorry a bit excited. Looks like I came across a old school gem! I've included a pic of it.
  2. First of all. I have an old school Crunch GP3000D-Pro (3000wRMS). Pushing a skar zvx 12v2 D2. It sounds really good but my voltage drops from 13.9 to 11.1 on lower bass. I drive an 08 impala ls with stock alt. My questions are 1. Does anybody know about this amp 2. Will a 2nd battery and big 3 uograde help utilize the power more and help with voltage drops? 3. I have quit playing my system loud enough to drop the voltage below 12v, because I read that it is dangerous for your amplifier. Is this true? can I damage my amplifier by voltage dropping below 12v?
  3. Hey all. I am new here. I just got my first skar setup. I got the 12 inch zvx but only tickling it with a rp800 skar. Hoping to upgrade to the rp1500 today. But I love the way it sounds now. But my box isn't the best. So I need to build another. I'm new to this but can built stuff. I need help with dimensions for my 05 honda civic. I want to go for spl over sq. My current box is 3.4 cubic feet. I didn't build it. Got it from a friend for free. It has a single 4 inch wide port and the port is 11 inches long. It sounds good but I want to build a box that looks nicer. I will be using 3/4 MDF or plywood. Whichever is recommended. Thanks in advance.
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