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  1. Yes I am aware of the minimum posting requirements to sell items. $50 would make a dent in the packing materials. The crate idea from audiofanticz sounds like the way to go. I know the gear has value to it just no idea what that might be. Many years ago the factory recone kits dried up and mine are all original. After Rockford Fosgate quit repairing these amps Landis Technical Services purchased all the old stock and did the servicing. I assume most on here knew the above info already but, I'm just some random unknown guy on the internet.
  2. I have some older Rockford gear, not 90's old but early 2000's old. A pair of Rockford Fosgate RFR3112 12" power HX2 all original never been reconed. One Rockford Fosgate Power bd1500.1 this is the grey version with a red illuminated RF logo. Sent the amp off to Larry at Landis Technical Services to go over it. Never put in service after receiving it back. Grew out of the loud aftermarket stereo scene many years ago, like over a decade and no desire to put this into another vehicle. Realized the value of keeping my hearing as good as it can be. Stuff just sits on a shelf reminding me of money wasted in my youth. Don't get me wrong, it was fun at the time. If you made it this far is there any value in this stuff?
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