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  1. yes I have and you barely can tell a deference because it comes down to tuning.. there is a guy with a skar set up and is kicking ass in the sq competitions because his staging, tuning, and imaging is on par
  2. i have notice alot of people would suggest focal, morel, stevens, seas, karma, and even SB Acoustics for speakers but hardly anyone suggest using cdt audio. is there something wrong with the brand?
  3. I used to buy the expensive RCA until i learned how to build my own for the fraction of the price
  4. I ran the zapco ST-4XSQ and a zapco ST1650 and from my experience , the ST line is good but not great. If you want better SQ within that budget i would suggest running US Acoustics ..better specs and sound for the money... but it wont sound its best with out running a DSP
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