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  1. I could do that, but i stil want to be able to have 4 passengers and that original 240 look.
  2. Trunk measurements: 107 cm long, 31,5 cm high and I'm able to play with the width a bit (at least 100 cm) I will cut away and strengthen the rear deck for the needed space. i have calculated a box that's pretty good now, but the only problem is that i get a impedance peak at 30 Hz and 68 Hz. i would want to lower the 30 Hz peak, but I haven't found a good way to do that yet, while playing a bit with the port and ported enclosure measurements I did get it a bit better but then the rest got worse. thanks!
  3. well of course they work, but it isn't the best option.
  4. I'm in need of help concerning my first 4th order. I already have two Soundqubed HDS3.1 12 inch subwoofers that are right now sitting in a ported enclosure in a Toyota LC, but the thing is, I have now bought a new car which is a sedan, ported enclosures + sedans isn't the best way to go. After doing my research, I'm planning to build a 4th order bandpass and porting it thru the rear deck. I've done my calculation regarding the subwoofers and they will do a good job in a 4th order bandpass. I haven't yet been able to design a all around good enclosure, ether the gain drops low, it gets too peaky, the port resonance get to high or the port air velocity peaks very high or the port wants to be too long (over 40 inches''). (calculating using WinIsd) parameters of the subwoofers: RMS power: 1200 Watt dual voicecoil: 2 ohm woofer size: 12'' F(s): 33.65 Hz Q(ms): 6,19 Q(es): 0,769 Q(ts): 0,692 V(as): 22,13 litres L(e): 8,62 mH n(0): 0,10% M(ms): 364,4 grams C(ms): 0,06 mm/N BL: 27.2
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