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  1. I mean i use 12ga for 1200 watts so id think 8 gauge would be ok for 4k rms. If you want to uses 4 gauge use a reducer brother and make your dreams a reality. XD. Best of luck my fellow bass head!
  2. pcpartpicker.com I just joined this forum but I am telling you I can help you get this done. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ZKG8Wb choose a video card and there you go
  3. You know man I am saving for this upgrade myself so i cant speak from experience on the install process but I have read Mechman does make alts that should bolt right in . If you goto their site they do want alot of info about your vehicle then they recommend the options.
  4. OK so all the dynos I have seen of crunch amps fall short of ratings. That being said the efficiency is also lacking to say the least. I assume that is why the massive drain is happening. That being said IF it is a true 3000RMS amp you are prob pulling DOUBLE what your alt can handle. I new battery might take longer to drop to a dangerous level but it will not keep voltage any higher. The Big 3 could actually make it worse bc the amp CAN draw more power through a larger wire. I know you don't want to hear this but to fix the issue with THAT setup you need to first get a High Output Alternator to increase your Charging capability. I would do that BEFORE adding batts or caps. When you upgrade alt that would be a good time to also preform the big 3. Lastly, Yes your amp is designed to run above 12V and starving it for that can damage it prematurely. I have done some research and found a replacement stock alt for your car. That is rated at 102 amps. Some simple math if the Crunch amp was 100% efficient , which none are.. 3000RMS/ 14.4 volts( Max most batteries can produce) is 208Amps. Looks like you might be in luck with this amp So, you need 208 amp ALt JUST for your system and most likely your electrical to run the car eats 30-50% of that soooo I would look for 250 or greater High Output alternator, The best brands from my research are Ohio Generator, Mechman, and I hear some pple like Singer alts. I have seen Brand X work BUT through testing they over rate their alts
  5. If you still want me to build I charge 100$ but i know you could do it with guidance ovrr video chat.
  6. I wouldnt stress about the building aspect I would be more then happy to walk you through it on discord. I unfortunately would charge a building fee ntm the shipping. I would much rather make recommendations and assist you as needed. This way you can get the best price possible.
  7. Well see i honestly recommend getting a good platform for now and upgradeing as you go. I would think a good mid range system using the ryzen 3600 should run you around 800 then you can upgrade aa you go... granted you dont skimp on motherboard psu ect. What resolution would you like to run 1080?
  8. I would love to help. What games do you play/how will you be using PC? What is your budget?
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