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  1. So what I've gathered is that I should maybe or maybe not run fuses, and if I run fuses, the sizes are arbitrary and they are available at GP car audio.
  2. Hey guys. I have everything ready to hook up my system, except fuses. Going to order SMD fuse blocks for everything, just need to figure out how many and which size fuses I need. Running a Singer 290 power edge. 2/0 ofc wiring from alt to XS Power D4800. Running an extra D4800 in the auxiliary slot in the engine bay. Dual 1/0 from second battery to Crescendo BC-4k, crescendo wants 300 amp fuse but doesn't specify if 300 on each run or 150 on each run. 4g to a kenwood XR401.4, I have a 60 amp for that one. 8g ran to a small infiniti amp for dash speakers. Have a 20 amp fuse for that. Going to be swapping the infiniti for a DC audio 90.4 or similar amp in the future. Subwoofer is a Sundown NSv4. I'm just curious as to where and what size fuses I should be using. I've always had small systems but put whatever size fuse the amp needed in a fuseblock up under the hood. I'm also curious as to which size fuse I should put between the batteries, I haven't gotten a clear answer on that. Specifically need to know if I should be using 150 amp fuse per run of 1/0 to the crescendo, or 300. Do I need to have the fuse block close to the amp, because I don't see external fuses on the Bc-4k. If anybody could help me out, that would be awesome. Thanks.
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