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  1. Well I'm feeling stupid. So, I didn't realize that all the head audio input sources have separate settings. When I was setting the head unit up I had my head unit eq set to flat, sub on etc.. that was when it was on the radio. Those setting are saved for radio play. I assumed that was for all of the inputs but realized that when I switched to android auto to play Spotify with the 40hz test track that those settings were different and the sub was turned off for that input. So, turned sub on and set those eq settings accordingly and picked up a signal, 40hz detect and distortion at volume 32 out of 40
  2. My bad. That's how I originally set it up, like the manual stated was through the + and - speaker terminals but got the same results.. nothing. So then I watched a video of Steve's and swore he had it grounded to the amp ground so I tried it that way. I have since gone back to test it the way it was written in the manual and still not getting anything. DD 1 is new. Battery is brand new Duracell 9v. Unit shows power. I've checked everything I can think of, which isn't much being new to this. Made sure the sub was turned on in the head unit. When hooked up and gains turned up, subs work great.
  3. Total noob here. I was the guy that used to just turn gains up until subs were bottoming out then back off a notch but now I want to try and set things correctly. New pioneer dmh 2660nex media player head unit. Skar 2000.1 amp 2 Sundown sa10 wired to 1ohm Just bought a DD1 to try and set my gains correctly. Head unit eq are set to flat, amp gains at 0, lpf and subsonic set to high (correct?) Using android auto/ spotify 40hz test tone as input (problem?) I've found the digital test tones from the dd1 page but no idea how/what to play them on this new head unit so I used one from spotify Grounded to amp ground, positive to signal (have tried both channels) Not getting anything from the DD1 even at almost max volume, no signal, no 40hz detect, distortion.. nothing. Also, is there a way to turn off my front speakers for these tests without unwiring them? My door speakers dont seem to like the high volume test tones Any help appreciated Thanks
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