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  1. Trunks are usually rear fire, port rear. If you port out the arm rest my assumption would be best to treat it as a blow through and doing a 4th or 6th bandpass would be great but takes a lot of space.
  2. Trucks you'll want to port up but as far back to the window. Port that favors passenger side is louder on driver side and visa versa. That port seems extremely big for such low tuning. However i can not confirm or deny
  3. That looks like some shoddy work. No surprise, I've had to fix plenty of "professional" shops jobs and never surprises me what they hide. I'm failing to see what hoses its hitting? Surprises me there's no alternator and it is that dependent on the hybrid battery and inverter and not 2 totally seperate systems. I believe the regenerator/hybrid motor is in the trans area correct? Looks like they snagged a alt/ps bracket, get a ps delete pulley and run it like a non hybrid truck. How you should fix it, take it somewhere else!
  4. Going to start on the enclosure build in my Crown Vic (cringe). Doing 2 15" NSv3's on 2 Twisted Sounds 3.5K's (strapped coils). The subs will downfire into one chamber ported up into the motor chamber, motor chamber porting straight up out the back deck. I will have up to a safe 15ft3 to work with. Thinking aero port from bottom chamber into upper and a big opening short throat external slot port out the rear deck. I don't care about numbers, I want wind! I'm a rookie at bandpass enclosures and don't know much about 6th order bandpasses and appreciate anyone giving advice on what you think for chamber size and tuning (port size if you have it but I can calculate that on the UCAA) I should go with to get the windiest yet decent sounding enclosure. If I were to want to hit a number I'd like to be around 150db at ~32Hz. Side note, with aero ports specifically on UCAA when you run multiple ports, (say two 4" aeros at 10" each) do you put the combined total of length for both ports (so 20") or of just one port (so 10") and it calculates both?
  5. So 1 recone kit, 1 basket and 2 motors? Build the 18 out, build a box and get after it. One 18" has more cone area than two 12"s by almost 30*in2.
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