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  1. That's how a subwoofer plays different tones and different frequency. If it was a flat line of Watts you would have the same level of bass, that is what we call flat.
  2. DMM - set to A/C voltage setting - the positive probe in (+)speaker terminal and negative probe in (-)speaker terminal Amp Clamp - set to A/C amperage setting (peak hold if you have it) Put clamp on (+) speaker wire. Play a frequency to see what max RMS Watts (actual max NOT boss ratings type deal here) you're amp is pushing on your system - 40hz is typical If you want to do on music play whatever you want. VOLTAGE ÷ AMPERAGE = OHM LOAD (this is where you see your box rise) VOLTAGE x AMPERAGE = RMS Wattage Need a volt m
  3. Top of my head from my expierence, RF 12p3d4's But that is a extremely vague question. What is your current setup? What is your vehicle? What are you after? Wattage isn't exactly a great way to gauge.
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