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  1. Joe X I appreciate the none help you have me rather then just putting your 2 cents in and be helpful rather then bash me I'd appreciate it an for as the subs go not sure how you figure they are entry level subs when they are rms 1500 and peak 2500 each sub not to mention they are competition spl subs that are better then most subs yo uh can get far as your everyday audio store or what not like in referring to like punch and kicker an jbl or boss and alpine even Kenwood and some of the sundown also being that they are pretty much a better cheaper version of the sundown audio and then size of these subs are not your average subs being they need a mounting depth of 7.75 inch's that's just inside the box so please help me understand your comment and as I already said in the post that the port on my box is junk so not sure why your just commenting and saying the same thing I already said when I'm asking for help and ideas not some ² cents worth of not helpful advice that's for sure and if that's what your wanting to comment then just don't bother please. I'm serious and asking for some professional advice and help if anyone can help I'd appreciate it very much. I'm would really like to get some advice from the actual man around her mr Steve mead himself that would be great not to mention I'd like to speak to him about possible work I'm looking to get done and really want Steve mead design to be the man that builds my stuff I'm wanting done, so Steve mead design is f you read this please get back to me and let's get together and figure out some ideas and talk prices and build time please thank you
  2. I hope I can get some help and advice by someone please. Let me start with what my problem is and that is for what setup I have I was told and believed that I would be knocking hella better then I am when I can't even be heard coming down the road a couple blocks away which I was hoping that I would be able to hear me before I got in the driveway atleast 2 blocks away if not even more and thought it would make your nose itch and shake the rearview mirror off i thought but it barely even shakes it at all. I have two of the skar evl 12s that are dual 4 ohm in a ported box that has a slot port that is 25" long by 2" high and 3" deep in the box and it's located at the bottom front of the box which is located in the back of the cab of my 06 dodge mega cab behind the rear seats and also has the storage bin removed to ha e more space the box is 3/4" mdf and it's been sealed and screwed tight then it's also been Bondo over all the seams and then primer and paint and 2k clear coat 3 coats if it. It's running of the skar rp 2000.1 amp it's all wired with 0 gauge ofc wire for POS and NEG that is also hooked up to a 6 farad boss capacitor and also have another amp that is a kicker 500x4 that's pusing the front door skar 6x9s and the rear door skar 6.5 components that also have the skar 1" component tweeter that is all aluminum that is mounted in a fiberglass door pod in the rear doors that was custom built and the head unit is the Kenwood dmx7706s that also has the ska7EQ by skar and a Soundstream bx-12 digital bass machine hooked up and I took the truck to a local audio shop and asked then do I need a bigger alternator and they looked at mine and said for what I am going to have all running that I wouldn't need a bigger one that mine is a 178 amp I think they said it's the factory one in the 06 dodge ram 2500 slt mega cab 4x4 with the 5.7 hemi so I didn't get a bigger one but I have installed all new 0 gauge wire from my battery to the alternator both POS and NEG and from the starter as well which I believe is what they call the big3 I'm not sure but can anyone please help me and give me some advice and or even possibly know anyone that is down to fix it all for me I'll pay not a problem I am already out 750 bucks from the first so called professional car audio tech that was supposed to do it all and build a custom box and install everything and I ended up getting a ok built box but personally think the port in not done right and should not have been at the bottom of the box and should have been along the entire top of the box instead but the guy said it's perfect the port will be lined up with the bottom of the rear seats and that is not how it is now it's directly at the rear seat and is only like 3" or 4" away at that the box goes from the white driver's side of the rear cab inside to the passenger side but has 4" of space left on each end and the booton of the box is I think 17" and the tip is 3" but it follows the contour of the rear of the cab and is not a exactly wedge shape it's got a space that contours a 1-¹/2" by 9" section that is cut out of the top rear of the box and the front is a str8 angle from the tip to the bottom where it then stops and makes the 90% angle str8 down to the bottom of the Bock so it's got a total of 7 pieces and the 2 ends if that makes sense if I can upload pictures on here I will add some to help give the idea because I'm sure I'm making it sound crazy but please someone I need help and want to start knocking and shaking shit and actually be heard coming down the road and not only when I'm pulling up that's insane I know I should be hitting way better for what I got and I know that I will eventually need to add another amp like I got to have one running on it's own sub but at the moment the amo I have I know is well underrated and actually provides way more then it's rms and the subs I have are 1250 rms and can take that easy please help also I'm going to be getting a different amp to run the kids and highs which I was looking at the skar 1500 qmo can't remember the middle but it's the one step down from the rp models and should be enough to power the mids and highs I'll be waiting to hear back also in located in Monterey California and willing to travel a few hours away if need be to get it done right which I was really wanting to have my system done by Steve mead design and hopefully start advertising from him when I get it done and ha e the truck at the SEMA convention once it's completely finished building it this is the space I had to work with and the box goes from the end of the grey carpet by seat all the way to rear of the cab and end to end and up to the bottom of rear windowThis is just an idea of what I was thinking of but with just two subs and the amps mounted on top rather then the 6x9s 20200920_122241.heic 20201011_133221.heic 20201022_150816.heic 20201020_183649.heic
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