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  1. oh ok, for a batteries 1000-1500 I know limitless lithium discontinued the 45ah what could be equivalent?
  2. Wait so they take more power?? they ae rated for 2000W rms each and they take double that? my alternator is a Pure power Hairpin by Tucson alternators. shop in arizona with good feedback. So what could be best then? a salt 8 at 1 ohm a salt 12 at 2 ohms or 2 sae3000ds strapped? im going for efficiency to make up for the weak alt
  3. Hey yall! Any help is appreciated, as the title implies I wanted to build a system with 2 15" sundown zv5s. They will be going into a full size SUV and currently I have down a 320 amp (220 idle) alternator with 2 positive runs of GP car audio's 2/0 AWG (OFHC) and using the frame as a direct ground. My question starts with what I should feed them with, I had my eye on the SALT 6 amplifier with the original intention of running it at 2 ohms for efficiency reasons but is it worth it to run it at 1 ohms and will the subs take close to 7K watts rms? or is it just better to run it at 2 ohms and feed
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