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  1. I don't have a great volt meter, just using a basic cigarette lighter plug but it drops from 14.6 to 14. Oddly enough after I posted I unplugged the RCA's to see if it would still do it. It went away.. So after checking all my connections, which were fine. I reconnected the RCA's and tried it again, no problems. Seemingly went away all on its own and hasn't done it since. I'm at a loss as to why caused it and how I fixed it by simply turning it on and off with the RCA's unplugged.
  2. I'm currently waiting for the CAB-22 to be fixed and sent back. Now I'm having issues with my old amp that I'm using in the meantime. I've been running it for several days. This morning when I turned the car off it made a very loud boom/pop. Loud enough I jumped. Checked all my connections and they seem snug. I also noticed that when the car is running I can feel and very faintly hear some vibration/hum from the subwoofer. It didn't make the noise when I drove yesterday so I'm at a loss why it started all of a sudden.
  3. I contacted the company and apparently they do make a bit of a turn on noise. Typically though its very soft or even inaudible in most installs. They are saying that they've only had maybe 3 out of 500 people that own it with the same problem and that it might be my electrical. Basically saying the components of the amp I swapped it with are different such that it doesn't whine or pop. I don't know how accurate that is likely to be though.
  4. Swapped another amp in this morning and sure enough all my problems went away. If only I had tried that first, so much wasted time and stress. I'll be sending it back for repair/replacement. Thanks for the help
  5. I'll see if I can find a speaker and give that a try, couldn't hurt. I also have an old amp sitting around that I can try. That would eliminate both of those as being the problem. The CAB doesn't have any fuses that I'm aware of, I do have an external in line fuse near the battery that I can check.
  6. Screwed into a wood amp rack sitting behind the sub box
  7. My subwoofer "pops" when amp powers on. Also have a high pitch whine coming from subwoofer, happens regardless of if the car is running or just key in on position. Does not come from the other speakers as far as I can tell. I rewired the head unit harness and I cleaned the amp ground location. Also tried a seat bolt instead of bare metal below the seat. Tried a new set of RCA's. The whine comes thru the sub even with the RCA's unplugged, I think this eliminates the RCA's and head unit as the cause.. (I have a Pioneer MVH-S522BS, CAB-22 and SA 15v1. 1/0 GA power and ground. Stock elec
  8. I bought this sub years ago and forgot about it. Came across it in storage and thought it'd be fun to hook it up. Going to build a custom box for it just need the specs. Google was not helpful. Appreciate any insight you all can give me. I can take more pics if needed.
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